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TitleLocationCity / State
Aluminum Mig Welder US Cargo24 US CargoBristol, IN
Appliance Setter/Installer500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Assembler22 Dallas Oregon Travel TrailerDallas, OR
Cabinet Installer4 Salem/WildwoodGoshen, IN
Cabinet Installer69 SalemGoshen, IN
Cabinet Installer215 Coachmen - PrismMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Setter500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder220 Freedom ExpressMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder215 Coachmen - PrismMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder45 XLR Toy HaulersGoshen, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder121 Viking RV - White PigeonWhite Pigeon, MI
Cabinet Shop Builder44 Salem/Wildwood - LAGoshen, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder59 VibeElkhart, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Cargo Plywood Worker16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Production Worker66 Cargo - Silverton, ORSilverton, OR
Cargo Trailer Metal Hanger16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Trailer Roofer16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Corporate HR Manager51 CorporateElkhart, IN
Customer Service /Parts Representative/RV Motorized41 Elkhart Service BuildingElkhart, IN
Customer Service Associate12 Marine DivisionMiddlebury, IN
Customer Service Representative500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Dispatcher/Receptionist75 CherokeeLaGrange, IN
Doors & Drawers Installer34 Lexington & SunseekerElkhart, IN
Doors & Drawers Installer500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Draftsman/Engineering67 Hemet California PlantHemet, CA
Electrical Hook-up44 Salem/Wildwood - LAGoshen, IN
Electrical Hook-up59 VibeElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer48 Prime Time - Lacrosse/TracerWakarusa, IN
Electrical Installer500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer15 CardinalElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer45 XLR Toy HaulersGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer-Bus Division5A Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer-Bus Division42 Elkhart CoachElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer-Bus Division78 Battisti CustomsElkhart, IN
Employee Health and Safety Analyst51 CorporateGoshen, IN
Engineering Manager34 Lexington & SunseekerElkhart, IN
Entry Level-Willing to Train64 Oregon - HarrisburgHarrisburg, OR
Entry Level-Willing to Train22 Dallas Oregon Travel TrailerDallas, OR
Entry Level-Willing to Train/Part-Time70 RiverStoneMillersburg, IN
Final Finish Worker121 Viking RV - White PigeonWhite Pigeon, MI
Final Finish Worker18 Cargo - GeorgiaOcilla, GA
Final Finish Worker205 Coachmen Catalina - 2nd plantMiddlebury, IN
Final Repair Person15 CardinalElkhart, IN
Final Repair Person500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Final Repair-White Glove500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Floor Builder205 Coachmen Catalina - 2nd plantMiddlebury, IN
Floor/Rubber Installer-Bus Division42 Elkhart CoachElkhart, IN
Forklift Driver16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Freight Shipping Specialist3 Sierra/SandpiperGoshen, IN
General Labor400 PalominoColon, MI
General Labor Worker-Bus Division42 Elkhart CoachElkhart, IN
General Labor Worker-Bus Division/Welder-Bus78 Battisti CustomsElkhart, IN
Graphic Installer103 Coachmen CatalinaMiddlebury, IN
Hand Receiver10C Rockwood / FlagstaffGoshen, IN
Hand Receiver20 Cedar CreekTopeka, IN
Hand Receiver10A Rockwood / FlagstaffMillersburg, IN
Hand Receiver10G GeoproMillersburg, IN
Help Desk Technician51 CorporateElkhart, IN
Interior Door Installer500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Interior Options29 RockportElkhart, IN
Item Maintenance10A Rockwood / FlagstaffLaGrange, IN
Lamination Worker37 SurveyorGoshen, IN
Lamination Worker104 Coachmen RV-LaminationMiddlebury, IN
Lamination Worker3 Sierra/SandpiperGoshen, IN
Lamination Worker34 Lexington & SunseekerElkhart, IN
Lamination Worker-Bus Division42 Elkhart CoachElkhart, IN
Line Foreman24 US CargoBristol, IN
Maintenance Technician16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Maintenance/ Landscaping Technician108- Coachmen OfficeMiddlebury, IN
Mapletree Company Driver1 Maple Tree TransportationMiddlebury, IN
Marketing Director10A Rockwood / FlagstaffMillersburg, IN
Metal Dept. Roofer -US Cargo24 US CargoBristol, IN
Metal Hanger17C CherokeeTopeka, IN
Metal Hanger42 Elkhart CoachElkhart, IN
Metal Hanger205 Coachmen Catalina - 2nd plantMiddlebury, IN
Metal Installer18 Cargo - GeorgiaOcilla, GA
Metal Installer103 Coachmen CatalinaMiddlebury, IN
Metal Plugger80 R-podElkhart, IN
Metal Plugger48 Prime Time - Lacrosse/TracerWakarusa, IN
Metal Plugger/Hanger500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Mig Welder66 Cargo - Silverton, ORSilverton, OR
Mig Welder5C Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Mig Welder33 Oregon CargoIndependence, OR
Options Department US Cargo24 US CargoBristol, IN
Options/Living Quarters18 Cargo - GeorgiaOcilla, GA
Options/Living Quarters16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Owner Relations Advisor74 LaGrange Parts & Service/LaminationLaGrange, IN
Paint Worker68 Georgetown / FR3Elkhart, IN
Paint Prep Worker5B Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Paint/Body Worker48 Prime Time - Lacrosse/TracerWakarusa, IN
Parts Puller19 Rialto California PlantRialto, CA
Parts Representative500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Parts Department-Crating59 VibeElkhart, IN
Parts Packer250 Coachmen-PDIMiddlebury, IN
Parts Shipping Specialist15 CardinalElkhart, IN
Parts Shipping Specialist500 East to WestElkhart, IN
Parts Shipping Specialist40 Berkshire/Charleston DieselElkhart, IN
Plumber59 VibeElkhart, IN
Plumber77 NO-BOElkhart, IN
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