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A Swing person -US Cargo24 US CargoBristol, IN
Accounting Clerk51 CorporateElkhart, IN
Alignment Technician150 Coachmen RV-Service ShopMiddlebury, IN
Aluminum Mig Welder104 Coachmen RV-LaminationMiddlebury, IN
Aluminum Mig Welder -US Cargo24 US CargoBristol, IN
Aluminum Tig Welder12 Marine DivisionMiddlebury, IN
Aluminum Tig Welder60 Shipshe Trailers and FabShipshewana, IN
Appliance Setter/Installer68 Georgetown / FR3Elkhart, IN
Awning Installer215 Coachmen - PrismMiddlebury, IN
B.O.M Bill of Material Clerk210 Coachmen RV-Class CMiddlebury, IN
Baggage Door Assembler (1st Shift)36 Custom ExtrusionsGoshen, IN
Cabinet Installer53 Shasta - Travel TrailersMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Installer31 Work-N-PlayGoshen, IN
Cabinet Installer10G GeoproMillersburg, IN
Cabinet Installer-Travel Trailers120 Viking RV - CentervilleCentreville, MI
Cabinet Setter205 Coachmen Catalina - 2nd plantMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder68 Georgetown / FR3Elkhart, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder34 Lexington & SunseekerElkhart, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder203 Coachmen RV-Catalina 3rd PlantMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder63 Salem/Wildwood BristolBristol, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder27 Limited EditionGoshen, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder31 Work-N-PlayGoshen, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder59 VibeElkhart, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder224 Apex NanoMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder220 Freedom ExpressMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder210 Coachmen RV-Class CMiddlebury, IN
Cabinet Shop Builder430 SabreGoshen, IN
Cabinet Shop Saw Operator110 Coachmen Brookstone / ChapparalMiddlebury, IN
Cap/Metal Installer40 Berkshire/Charleston DieselElkhart, IN
Cargo Carpenter Worker16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Electrical Installer16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Plumber16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Plywood Worker46 Rance Aluminum TrailersElkhart, IN
Cargo Plywood Worker16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Production Worker66 Cargo - Silverton, ORSilverton, OR
Cargo Trailer Door Hanger16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Trailer Metal Hanger46 Rance Aluminum TrailersElkhart, IN
Cargo Trailer Metal Hanger16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Trailer Roofer46 Rance Aluminum TrailersElkhart, IN
Cargo Trailer Roofer16 Cargo DivisionElkhart, IN
Cargo Trailer Sales Person46 Rance Aluminum TrailersElkhart, IN
Chassis Prep Installer69 SalemGoshen, IN
Chassis Prep Installer29 RockportElkhart, IN
Chassis Prep Installer6 Lites MiddleburyMiddlebury, IN
Chassis Prep Installer37 SurveyorGoshen, IN
Chassis Prep Installer205 Coachmen Catalina - 2nd plantMiddlebury, IN
Chassis Receiving Clerk5A Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Cleaner-Bus Division5A Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Component Installer (Plugger)121 Viking RV - White PigeonWhite Pigeon, MI
Console Wiring Installer - Marine12 Marine DivisionMiddlebury, IN
Corporate Problem Solver51 CorporateElkhart, IN
Customer Service Specialist74 LaGrange Parts & Service/LaminationLaGrange, IN
Customer Service/Warranty Representative31 Work-N-PlayGoshen, IN
Cycle Counter12 Marine DivisionMiddlebury, IN
Day Shift Painter155 Coachmen RV-PaintMiddlebury, IN
Dispatcher27 Limited EditionGoshen, IN
Doors & Drawers Installer420 PumaGoshen, IN
Doors & Drawers Installer40 Berkshire/Charleston DieselElkhart, IN
Doors & Drawers Installer69 SalemGoshen, IN
Electrical Engineer34 Lexington & SunseekerElkhart, IN
Electrical Hook-up11 Park ModelsElkhart, IN
Electrical Hook-up6 Lites MiddleburyMiddlebury, IN
Electrical Hook-up224 Apex NanoMiddlebury, IN
Electrical Hook-up5B Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Electrical Hook-up63 Salem/Wildwood BristolBristol, IN
Electrical Hook-up205 Coachmen Catalina - 2nd plantMiddlebury, IN
Electrical Hook-up45 XLR Toy HaulersGoshen, IN
Electrical Hook-up215 Coachmen - PrismMiddlebury, IN
Electrical Hook-up220 Freedom ExpressMiddlebury, IN
Electrical Hook-up10A Rockwood / FlagstaffMillersburg, IN
Electrical Hook-up430 SabreGoshen, IN
Electrical Hook-up37 SurveyorGoshen, IN
Electrical Hook-up69 SalemGoshen, IN
Electrical Hook-up60 Shipshe Trailers and FabShipshewana, IN
Electrical Hook-up-Travel Trailers120 Viking RV - CentervilleCentreville, MI
Electrical Installer59 VibeElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer46 Rance Aluminum TrailersElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer69 SalemGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer3 Sierra/SandpiperGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer37 SurveyorGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer4 Salem/WildwoodGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer27 Limited EditionGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer44 Salem/Wildwood - LAGoshen, IN
Electrical Installer-Bus Division42 Elkhart CoachElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer-Bus Division35 Glaval BusElkhart, IN
Electrical Installer-Bus Division5A Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Entry Level-Willing to Train120 Viking RV - CentervilleCentreville, MI
Entry Level-Willing to Train64 Oregon - HarrisburgHarrisburg, OR
Entry Level-Willing to Train5B Starcraft BusGoshen, IN
Experienced Receiver / Loader -US Cargo24 US CargoBristol, IN
Fiberglass Body Repair Person 69 SalemGoshen, IN
Fiberglass Body Repair Person 430 SabreGoshen, IN
Final Finish Caulker110 Coachmen Brookstone / ChapparalMiddlebury, IN
Final Finish Cleaner110 Coachmen Brookstone / ChapparalMiddlebury, IN
Final Finish Group Leader53 Shasta - Travel TrailersMiddlebury, IN
Final Finish Worker56 Trifecta BoatsElkhart, IN
Final Finish Worker29 RockportElkhart, IN
Final Finish Worker215 Coachmen - PrismMiddlebury, IN
Final Finish Worker59 VibeElkhart, IN
Final Finish Worker48 Prime Time - Lacrosse/TracerWakarusa, IN
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